Meet Marvin Paul

Marvin loves music and while he picked up the guitar and bass in his 40s, he quickly developed a band, grew with old and new friends in his love of music, and now is developing a state-of-the-art recording studio to share that experience with music artists of all genres. Marvin has traveled to learn, experience, and see what combination of equipment and vibe makes the most creative and successful environment for artists to create the work they dream of. There is only one thing that Marvin has more than guitars and that is flying discs. Marvin has been a collector of flying discs for 30 years & the collection is over 5000. The flying discs have come home to Carneros Studios to share with Friends & Family. The collection can also be seen here.

Meet Lisa Paul

Lisa loves creating art, photography, paper crafting, silversmithing, jewelry creation, mixed media, and home decor. Our Grandma Jan was a beautiful quilter and seamstress so sewing and textiles are a big part of our creative art studio. Enjoying time with friends, creating, learning new skills and ways to grow friendships with others that love to create is what feeds her soul and relaxes her.